Sometimes you need to mark smaller batches with a serial number, company contact information or a logo, and it doesn't make sense to buy your own laser marking machine. Let us do the marking for you in our location in Arvada, Colorado. 

Our laser marking machines can mark text or images on steel, aluminum, plastic, glass,  in fact over 4000 different materials.

What makes Spark Art different is we can mark with colors, too. All with a laser, no die or other substances added. Clean, fast and durable. 

For continuous work we offer Spark Art Dashboard, your personal interface where you can track how much money you have spent on laser marking services with Spark Art, and when it would start making financial sense to think about buying your own machine. 

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ROI calculator


Upgrade to a better way to mark

Switching from your current way of marking to laser marking. Laser allows  you to introduce QR codes and barcodes for traceability, it enables clear, durable product identification marking, and best of all you can even mark your logo in colors - all in the matter of seconds.


Get it when you need it

Not owning your own laser marking machine allows for financial flexibility. If you only need to mark occasionally, or only small batch of parts needs continuous marking, it makes sense to outsource the work to Spark Art. We do it fast and cost efficiently.


Personalized ROI calculator

Deciding when to outsource and when to invest in a machine is always a tough choice. When you start to order marking servie regularly from Spark Art, a dashboard monitors your spending and suggests when it is time to plan for purchasing your own laser marking machine.



Whatever you need marked, let us know.

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